BE 4R ALL2013


As a part of the 15th FUTURA conducted by the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, the NSS volunteers organised an awareness Campaign on Blood Donation and 4R(REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE,REFUSE) concept,which was held on 2nd , 3rd and 4th of September in the Applied Science block quadrangle. This programme was organized in association with Sankara Eye Hospital.The main objective of this awareness programme was to create awareness to the people on the importance of donating eyes,blood and on 4R concept.
            Five classrooms were alloted for the event. Among them two classes were used to explain the visitors on various information regarding the 4R in which awareness on Reduction of plastics,Reuse of organs by organ donation,Recycle of paper to minimize Deforestation,Refuse of Foreign products to promote Indian Economy.These concepts were sowed in the minds of students through stories.Many waste products like plastic bottles,tins,old CDs,bottle caps,etc.. were used to prepare usefull products like wall hangings,hand bags,robo,pen stand and many more.Also a  class room   was  allocated for Blood  and Eye donation awareness.

 In addition to it different spot events were conducted for the school students. Awareness flash videos were also displayed. 

Apart from this, the NSS team took an initiatve to register for eye donation. The registration was put up in AS block and in arena.

The NSS team of nearly 20 volunteers, splitted  into five  help desks at different  places around the campus to  guide the inter and intra college students for the events that were being organized by the various departments and clubs. The responsbility of  maintaining discipline in the college campus was taken care by the NSS volunteers for all the three days of the 15th Futura event. 

September 2:
On the first day, the volunteers were actively involved in engaging students in the awareness campaign.Spot events were also conducted for school students.Around 2.00 p.m Dr.Kiran,Eye specialist and his team from Sankara Eye Foundation made their presence  for creating  awareness about the problems related to  eye, importance on preservation of eye for transplantation  and enlightened the students by their speech on eye donation and the procedures  involved in it . In the evening at 5.00 p.m, nearly 60 NSS volunteers were involved in maintaining the discipline at Pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls  for the intra college event “Fiesta”.

 September 3:
To make this day fruitful,  the students were engaged with many spot events  like picture formation,best out of waste and  many fun events  like pick up Do’s and Dont’s using balloons,cups arranging in reverse order and talent shows such as singing and dancing was  also  conducted.All the students enthusiastically participated in all the events conducted by the volunteers.In the evening at 5.00 p.m, nearly 60 NSS volunteers were involved in maintaining the discipline at Pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls  for the “Musical Night”.


September 4:

          On the final day of Futura, many staffs from various departments visited the venue and enriched their knowledge on Blood and eye donation awareness and 4R.Most of them actively registered their names for eye donation. This awareness programme proved to be very informative and an eye opener for all the people. At the end of the event, there were nearly 436 registered eye donors and  still counting.   The registered forms were  handed- over to the team from Sankara Eye Foundation . During the valedictory function of the national level symposium 15TH FUTURA, about 60 volunteers were involved in disciplinary activities at the pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls.

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