Academic year 2013 - 2014

18.02.2014 & 19.02.2014


On 18th and 19th February, 2014 NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman institute of Technology organised a two-day service oriented  symposium SHEVASESTRA-14 in the motto of Journey to serve, to get practical solutions for the social issues prevailing in our society Above 165 colleges were communicated throughout Tamilnadu through Posters and e -mails.. Paper Prastuti(Paper presentation), Plakato(Poster presentation), Pantomime(Mimare), Kiruchitra (Short film),Art of Demo(Wealth from waste),Vidiyalai nokki un kural(Platform to present their own ideas by any means),Workshop about First-aid were the events conducted.
            The NSS team was split up into various committees and worked out sincerely for the function. Registration was held upto 15th  February, 2014. There was a good response and students from various colleges registered for the events and sent their abstracts. Nearly 208 papers were registered for Paper Prastuti, 34 for Art of Demo, Plakato-42, Pantomime-30, Vidiyalai nokki un kural-45 and Kiruchitra-7. Based on the content the teams from various colleges were selected.  The number of teams selected for the events were as follows:

External participants
 The selected teams were intimated on 16th  February.In total there were participants from 15 external colleges.
     The spot registration began on 18th February, 2014. Shevasestra-14 was inaugurated in Vedanayagam auditorium with esteemed Chief guest as Dr.G.P.Dhanapal, Chief Surgeon in Government Hospital,Gobi with 25 years of experience, Mr.C.Natarajan from Sudar Organisation and Dr.N.Rengarajan, Principal of BIT lighted the lamp. Dr.V.N.Vijayakumar, NSS Programme Officer of BIT welcomed the chief guest and addressed the gathering with his charming welcome address and presented the annual report for the academic year 2013-2014. Dr.N.Rengarajan delivered the ecstatic inaugural address and cheered the participants. Dr.G.P.Dhanapal enunciated the presidential address and asked all the youngsters to be a social thinker and work towards the welfare of the nation. Mrs.R.Praveena ,NSS Programme Officer delivered the vote of thanks. Inauguration function came to an end by 11.30am.

 The events started at 11.30 a.m. On 18th February six events Paper Prastuti, Art of Demo, Plakato, Pantomime, Vidiyalai nokki un kural and Kiruchitra were conducted. On 28th September the workshop started at 9.30 a.m. and the demo of first aid and rescue methods were demonstrated. The events were judged by nearly 18 staffs from various departments of BIT and the winners of each event were selected.
The Valediction function was started  as scheduled at 4:30pm with chief guest as Mr.C.Natarajan from Sudar Organization. The chief guest and NSS Programme Officers awarded the winners with Shield and Certificates. Overall Championship was bagged by Maharaja college of Engineering.NSS volunteer  Mr.E.Surendernath, proposed the vote of thanks . The Flash showing the entire Shevasestra 2014 was played. The certificates were distributed to the participants of the events. The valediction function came to an end by 6.30pm.

This event mainly focused in portraying characters and acting out situations of the society or narrating them by gestures and body movements without using words. An emotional way to express your thoughts silently that creates an illusion of reality.
.The topics were
  • The India you don't know
  • Life without corruption
  • Protect women
  • Social pressure over young mind
  • Kill the roads which kills you
  • Power of common man
At 11.40 am Pantomime event was conducted at Vedanayagam auditorium.Around 5 teams actively participated and presented their innovative  ideas through expressions, with chief guest as Mr.S.Kirubakaran, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering department,BIT and Mr.R.Indrajinth, Associate Professor of Fashion technology department, BIT. Tamilan Team from Maharaja College of Engineering got First Prize in the event.


            The event “Kiruchitra” was conducted with the thought that there is no high form of artistic expression than film to convey a huge meaning.
           The topics were:
  • எல்லை மறவெல்
  • அச்சம் தவிர்
  •  மாசுபட்ட தேசம் மாறுமா நெஞ்சம் ?
  • விவசாயம் இன்றி எதிர்காலமா ?
  •  மனிதம்
  • சமரசத்தை நோக்கி இந்தியா !
  •  புகை நமக்கு பகை

Around 12.45 pm Kiruchitra event was initiated at Vedanayagam auditorium with chief guest as Mr.S.Kirubakarn, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering department ,BIT and Mr.R.Indrajinth, Associate Professor of Fashion Technology department , BIT. Two teams participated with a great zeal and played their short films. The short film of Tamilan Team from Maharaja college of engineering was so virtuous and got First Prize in the event.


This event was conducted to encourage the young minds  to present a sensible and practical solutions for the given issues prevailing in the society. The topics of the event were:
What to change to bring a change in India?
  1.  Politicians
  2. People's attitude
  3. Education system
  4. Our constitution
  5. Impact of modernism or culture
From 2.15pm Vidiyalai Nokki un Kural event was conducted at Mechanical seminar hall with chief guest as Mr.S.Mohanraj , Assistant Professor of Fashion Technology , BIT. Nine teams  participated and articulated their thoughts through power point presentations. The interaction between the participants and the spectators made the event a great one. Among all the teams, team from Maharaja college of engineering won the First Prize. 

                  It provided a dais to the intellectual minds who want to showcase their views on the
prevailing social issues and afforded with solutions, that was shared to inspire the young
minds. The topics for the event were
  • Is India safe in the hands of democracy or dictatorship? 
  •  Will India be a developing nation forever or will become developed one day? 
  •  Prevention of malnutrition 
  •  Future of engineers 
  •  Water scarcity, future utility? 
  •  Social projects for road side people 
  •  Will Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) inflow develop Indian economy? 
  •  Save forest Save life 
  •  Education of tribal people 
  •  Will Lokpal Bill give hands for corruption-less India?
 Paper Prastuti was conducted simultaneously in ECE Seminar Hall and Textile Seminar Hall from 2.00 4.00 p.m. The judges in ECE seminar hall were Mr.P.Karupusamy and Mr.A.Laksmanan, Assistant Professors of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,BIT.The students in Textile Seminar Hall were judged by Dr.V.EvelynBrindha and Dr.D.Sasikala ,Associate Professors of Computer Science and Engineering department,BIT. In this event,22 teams presented their papers which were scrutinized from various abstracts.Many teams actively participated. Team from Kumaraguru College Of Technology  gave the best solution for the given issue and won the First Prize.


The event focused to exhibit an innovative product which will be useful to improve the status of rural and tribal people.The motto of the event was to bring wealth out of waste.       
            Art of Demo was conducted at CS23 and CS24 Class rooms with chief guests as  Mr.N.Shankar,Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics,BIT,Mr.E.Sakthivel Murugan and Mr.Y.Arivu,Assistant Professors of Mechanical Engineering department, BIT.Totally nine teams took part  in this event and explained the process  of utilizing the waste things to bring out useful products that can be used in our day to day life. Among all the participants, team from BIT demonstrated their product effectively and won the First prize.

The event was to present innovative ideas through graphics to sow the seeds of pleasing information in the young minds on a particular theme. The topics of the event were:

  • Your footprints to the next generation
  • The India you don't know
  • if you are the first citizen of India, how India will be?
  • Our small acts but big impacts in society
  • The golden road to the new world
  • State of Agriculture
  • Democracy under pressure 
            By 3.15pm, Plakato was conducted at Thermal drawing hall with chief guests as Mrs.R.Praveena NSS Programme officer, BIT and Mr.A.Sundaramahalingam, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering department, BIT. Six teams presented their thoughts through  posters of A3 size and team from BIT won the First Prize. 

19th FEBRUARY,2014

On 19th February,2014,the workshop on “First-aid” was conducted by the NSS volunteers in collaborartion with St.John’s Ambulance,Tirupur. About 79 participants from external colleges,168 participants from internal college attended the workshop . Also Mr.Karthickeyan, NSS Programme Officer of RVS Faculty of engineering college attended the workshop.Mr.K.Krishnamurthy,District Secretary of St.John’s Ambulance  and  state  co-ordinator of First Aid in police department, Mr.S.Chandran, Ex-railway employee and senior lecturer in St.John’s Ambulance, Mrs.Nicy Mathew, lecturer in St.John’s Ambulance and Mr.N.Ramar, lecturer in St.John’s Ambulance  delivered a lecture and practically demonstrated  the procedures of First Aid.
The  session was  so interactive and lively since the participants were engaged in the practical demonstration.The event came to an end by 5.30pm .On  behalf of  St.John’s Ambulance, Mr.K.Krishnamurthy  presented a first-aid kit and charts displaying the procedures of first aid to NSS, BIT.

01.02.2014 - 07.02.2014


1st  February 2014:

             The 7 days Special Camp was instigated at Modhur Middle School and Arakankottai Primary and Nursery School with the theme of “HEALTHY YOUTH FOR HEALTHY INDIA”. The camp was inaugurated at 10 a.m. Mr.E.Surenderanath, final year NSS Volunteer welcomed the chief guests. Mr.R.T.Chinnaraj,Panchayat President of Modhur village addressed the volunteers and appreciated them for their eternal service  from the past two years to the village.Mr.P.Munusamy,Head of Parents and Teachers Association encouraged the volunteers by highlighting the previous work done in the camp site like playground construction, implementation of RO system, library, stage construction and many more. Mr.N.Panbinselvam, Head Master of Government middle School, Modhur motivated the volunteers to have goal oriented service and asked them to be service-minded throughout their life.In order to add more value to the camp, a sapling was planted in the school premises by the chief guests. After the inauguration function, the volunteers were splitted into 25 batches and were given instructions to take survey on living standards of the village people. 201 forms were filled by the volunteers in both Arakankottai and Modhur villages. At 2.00pm campus cleaning was carried out in the schools. Some volunteers were engaged in 5S management system implementation work. The evening function was started around 6pm.Dr.V.N.Vijayakumar welcomed the chief guests. Mr.N.Arunachalam, Dean of Civil Engineering Department, BIT shared his view on school student’s education and their life. He also mentioned that parent’s play a major role in children’s education. Then he gave his valuable suggestions to the volunteers for their successful career and to maintain discipline and have service mind forever. Ms.V.Ramya, final year NSS volunteer submitted the plan of the seven days camp. At the end of the function, Herbal tea which increases the immunization power and also rejuvenates one’s body both physically and mentally was provided to the village people and school students. This medicine was provided for all seven days continuously in the evening and it was taken by nearly 150 villagers belonging to all age groups.

 2nd February 2014:

             The second day of the camp was started with a rally on “CLEANLINESS”. It was inaugurated by Mr.P.Munusamy,Head of Parents and Teachers Association. Importance of cleanliness was delivered through slogans and also displayed through charts. Pamphlets were given to the village people. The rally comprised of street plays by NSS volunteers to express the importance of cleanliness visually to grab the  attention of the village people. To bring more awareness among the people, at the end of the play questions were asked and prizes were distributed. Many villagers actively participated and awareness on the importance of cleanliness was created. Around 11.00am, “Accupuncture Treatment” to the village people headed by Mr.P.K.Palanisamy, Acupuncture Physician from Sirumugai was conducted in the presence of chief guests Mr.R.Indrajith, Associate Professor of Fashion Technology Department , BIT and also Mr.P.S.Vijayanand, Assistant Professor of Physical Science Department, BIT. Mr.R.Indrajith delivered a enthusiastic speech on the topic “Villagers are the backbone of India” and said that they play a vital role for the progress of the nation .Mr.P.S.Vijayanand spoke about the role of village people in India and also encouraged the volunteers for their renderless service. Mr.P.K.Palanisami gave awareness on “Healthy life” by comparing past and present scenario health conditions and  he concluded  his speech with the saying  “Our human body itself is a doctor and food is our medicine” .About 53 villagers were benefited  from the treatment. At noon, volunteers were splitted into groups and proceeded with school campus cleaning. In the mean while, the volunteers  conducted Drama competition on the topic “Environmental protection and Road Safety” for all the school students. All the students actively participated and expressed their thoughts through their actions. In the field work,waste dumps in backside of school building were vanished. On the other side, some volunteers  went to the village people’s house and  taught them how to sign their names instead of making thumb impression. Around 50 village people learnt to put their own signature. In the evening, awareness on “Road safety and Prevention of Accidents” was organised by NSS volunteers.The chief guests were Mr.V.Dhanapal, Assistant Professor of Physical Science  department, BIT  and Mr.A.Magudeeshwaran, Assistant Professor of Physical Science  department, BIT. Mr.V.Dhanapal shared his  thoughts on handling  critical conditions  and he also listed the helpline numbers. Mr.A.Magudeeshwaran, in his speech, explained the causes and  effects of road accidents and the measures to be taken to prevent those accidents. It was then followed by cultural events. There were drama and dance performances by school students.A skit was performed by the volunteers on the importance of education.

3rd  February 2014:
          The 3rd day of the camp was evoked by splitting the volunteers into batches for the orientation of the “Self-employment”.It was started around 10:00am headed by Mr.V.Ganesh Kumar and Mrs.G.Devi, from “KANAVUKKU SEYAL KUDUPOM” an Non-governmental organisation, Madurai. The manufacturing of soap powder, phenyl and flower making were demonstrated and  few people  were asked to do it practically. It was followed by campus cleaning activities in and around the school premises and the implementation of 5S management system by the volunteers. Around 1:00pm  volunteers engaged the school students for oral competition. At 2:00pm Mrs.V.Jyothi from Mettupalayam explained the steps involved in mushroom cultivation to the village people. The villagers were able to see the entire procedure for mushroom cultivation practically. At the end of the session, mushroom seeds were distributed to the village people for the cultivation in their homes. About  3:30pm Application form  for  “Learner License Record”(LLR)  was filled for the village people  in the school premises by the NSS volunteers. In the evening, Awareness on “Banking” was conducted in the presence of the chief guests Mr.K.Mohan, Branch Manager of Karur Vysya Bank,Sathy,Mr.Akshaya Kumar, Assistant Branch Manager, Karur Vysya Bank,Sathy.They explained various facilities that are available in the banking sector for the village people and asked them  to be aware of the benefits provided by the banks. Also Dr.S.U.Prabha, Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department spoke about the women’s rights and benefits. Mr.K.MuthuKumar, in his speech, emphasized the village people to follow some ethical thoughts in their work places. It was followed by the cultural events and drama performed by the school students to demonstrate the ill effects of “Drug Usage”. At the end of the function, Mr.M.Rajesh Kumar, final year student of BIT performed a mimicry show and entertained the village people.

4th  February 2013:

On the 4th  day an eye camp was organized by the NSS volunteers in association with Sankara Eye Foundation, Coimbatore. The eye camp started at 9.30 a.m. and went till 1.30 p.m. in the afternoon. The eye camp was conducted by Dr.Vijayalakshmi, Chief Doctor with her team from Sankara Eye Foundation, Coimbatore. About 92 village people were checked and screened up, out of which 9 villagers were taken to the hospital for surgery. In the mean while, scrubbing of compound walls was done for painting works. By 3pm, an awareness programme on the theme “Food is our Medicine” was conducted by Dr.S.Kannusamy, Assistant medical Officer from Government Hospital, Bhavani. He inculcated the medicinal values of various ingredients that are used in our day to day life to the village people. Village people actively interacted during the session and all their doubts were clarified by the doctor.On the other side, Application for creation of Bank Account was filled for the village people in association with Karur Vysya Bank, Sathyamangalam. In the evening function, Awareness on “Drug Abuse” was conducted with chief guests as Mr.M.Ganesh, Mr.Thamizhmani, Mr.N.Ganesh, members of FFIRE Organisation and Prof.V.Sriramulu, Associate Professor of Fashion Technology, BIT, Mr.R.Balakrishnaraja, Assistant Professor-Senior grade of Bio-Technology,BIT and Ms.S.Kiruthika, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BIT, Ms.E.Shalini, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering-BIT. Prof.V.Sriramulu in his speech explained the effects of drug addiction and also gave suggestions how to get relief from drug addiction. Mr.R.Balakrishnaraja portrayed the effects of nutrition deficiency and asked to grow  their children in a healthy environment. Mr.M.Ganesh  and his team practically explained the behaviour of drug addicts through a drama.Their interactive session made the villagers aware about the harmful effects of drug usage. During the function, some villagers on their own came forward and shared their thoughts. It was followed by speeches and dance performances by the school students. On “World cancer day”, to make people aware about the causes and effects of cancer, a skit  was performed by the volunteers.

5th February 2014:

The fifth day of the camp began with a awareness programme for the school students on “ The Importance of Education” by the chief guest Mr.R.Vijay , Assistant Professor, NLP Polytechnic College, Mettupalayam in the presence of Mr.V.Mahesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BIT, Mr.S.Loganayagam, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BIT and Mr.V.Sakthi Ram Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BIT. 4thstd to 8th std school students enthusiastically took part in this awareness programme. Mr.R.Vijay clearly explained the current scenario to the school students that education plays a vital role in an individual’s development. The motivational speech given by the chief guest inspired all the school students. The programme came to an end by 12.30pm.On other side, painting of compound walls was carried out by the volunteers. Also, a temple inside the village was cleaned by some of the volunteers. Around 2pm, motivational videos were played to the 1st  to 5th std school students. At 3pm, Yoga exercises were taught to the school students by Mr.M.Sudalaidas, Yoga teacher,BIT.Simultaneously,5S implementation works were proceeded inside the school campus and tree saplings were planted in  Modhur and Arakkankottai villages.From 3.30pm onwards, Application for both LLR and Bank account were filled inside the school campus. At 6.30pm, Awareness programme on “Village People Rights” was commenced with the chief guests  Mr.C.Muthusamy, Advocate,Bhavani , Mr.S.P.Selvaraj and Mr.K.S.Vairavel, Associate professors of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering,BIT. Advocate Mr.C.Muthusamy briefly explained the jurisdictions in Indian law and its optimistic approach. Also, he also added that every individual should be aware of the basic laws of Indian Constitution. It  was then followed  by dance performances of school students and a puppet show  by the volunteers on the importance of education.

6th February 2014:  
        On the sixth day of the special camp, sports events were conducted for the school students from classes 1 to 8 at Modhur and Arakkankottai. The events conducted were hopping race, biscuit eating, duck walk, water filling for 1stand 2nd std school students. Frog jump, stone game and things riding for 3th and 4th std, running race, book on head walk ,hopping race for 5th and 6th std and hurdle race, running race and musical chair for 7th and 8th std students. Students enthusiastically participated in all the events with lots of  joy and entertainment. The events were conducted by splitting the school students into four teams as red house, blue house, green house and yellow house. Simultaneously painting works were continued inside the school premises. Also some volunteers were engaged in forming the kitchen garden. At 2pm, 5th std to 8th std school students were engaged in an awareness programme about ethical education by Mr.G.Parthiban,G-18, Public welfare society. Mr.G.Parthiban performed some interesting sport events and grabbed the attention of every child and in between he also  taught them the ethics of education  in an innovative manner. School students were so excited and got energized after the session. In the mean while, the projects were prepared for the science exhibition which will be held on the following day in the school. Simultaneously painting works were carried by the volunteers. Kitchen garden setup work was done. Then the kitchen garden was inaugurated by noon meal cooker of the school. Around 3.30pm for 1st to 5th std school students yoga exercises were practised by Mr.M.Sudalaidas and the volunteers. In the mean while, NSS volunteer Mr.S.Gokula selvam taught some basic  skills in karate. At 6pm “Environmental Awareness” programme was commenced with chief guest as Mr.C.Natarajan,Director of Sudar organisation and Mr.Komagan,environmental orator,Dr.R.Kannan, Professor of Aeronautical department in BIT and Mr.A.Kandhasamy, Assistant Administrative officer of TBI in BIT made their valuable presence. Dr.R.Kannan in his speech explained the beauties and wonders of nature and asked everyone to admire and protect it. Mr.A.Kandhasamy shared his experience about technology business incubator(TBI) and briefly explained some natural fertilizers and natural products of commercial use. Mr.C.Natarajan in his speech,shared the beauty of nature by orating some incidents in his life. He also made a comparision between  the village life and the urban life. He motivated everyone to plant more trees and protect our environment. A debate competition was conducted among the school students, guided by the NSS volunteers and headed by Mr.Komagan, an environmental poet on the topic “Is World heading towards development or disaster?”. By his humorous speech, he motivated the students to have an eco-friendly development and save our mother earth.

7th February 2014:


           On the seventh day ,the science exhibition was organised by NSS volunteers for 5th to 8th standard school students. The students actively took part in the exhibition by displaying their projects with innovative ideas.The students were guided by the volunteers that included 2 volunteers for each team. The chief guests were Dr.A.Jeevanandham, Head of the Electrical and Electronics Department,BIT and Mr.S.Veerakumar, Assistant Professor of Physical Science Department,BIT.The guest of honour appreciated the student’s innovative thinking and the ideas implemented by them. The exhibition was inaugurated at 10.00 am. and ended by 1.00 pm. In the mean while, campus cleaning and painting works were pursued.Some volunteers were engaged in sorting the materials in proper location and class rooms were cleaned for the implementation of the 5S management system.On the other hand, works regarding inauguration of sports room was carried on.All the field works were completed. Side by side, some volunteers were engaged in arrangement of books in the school library.By 6.30pm, valediction function of seven days special camp was commenced with chief guests as Dr.N.Rengarajan, Principal of BIT, Dr.P.Thangaraj, Head of Computer Science Engineering department, Mr.R.Indrajith, Associate Professor of Fashion Technology ,BIT, Mr.R.T.Chinnraj, President of modhur village, Mr.P.Munusamy, Parents and Teachers Association Head and Mr.N.Panbinselvan, Head Master of Government middle school, Modhur made their valuable presence. A flash presenting the proceedings of the seven day special camp was played. Dr.N.Rengarajan made an eventual speech and encouraged the volunteers for their work and wished them to be service minded throughout their life.Mr.R.T.Chinnraj, delivered a motivational speech and appreciated the volunteers for their service from the past three years in their village. Followed by Mr.P.Munusamy, head of Parents Teachers Association thanked the NSS, BIT for satisfying all their basic requirements and also encouraged the volunteers to keep their service mind till the end of their life.As a token of love and gratitude Mr.R.T.Chinraj presented a shield to Dr.V.N.VijayaKumar, NSS Programme officer,BIT appreciating their renderless service. Mr.N.Panbinselvam delivered his heartful thanks for fabricating the school. He also extended his grateful thanks for the implementation of Reverse Osmosis drinking water system, playground, stage construction and kitchen garden setup and many more. As a token of love Dr.V.N.VijayaKumar, NSS Programme Officer,BIT presented a shield to Mr.N.Panbinselvam who extended his tremendous support for the past three years. Mr.R.T.Chinnraj, President of Modhur village inaugurated the sports room comprising of all the fundamental sports equipment. Village people and school students  thanked NSS, BIT for the awareness programmes and works done for the development of their village in the past three years. The winners of all the competitions conducted for the school students during the seven days special camp were awarded with prizes and the overall championship was won by the green house. Thus, the 7 day NSS special camp ended successfully with bright hopes shining over the horizon.




On 26th January 2014, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology celebrated 65th Republic Day which was accompanied by the Principal Dr.N.Rengarajan, which was held between 8.00am and 8.45am.  The Principal hoisted the national flag followed by a parade and motivated students by an inspirational speech. Sweets were distributed by the NSS volunteers to all the students. Nearly 150 volunteers attended the function.



  The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology visited the campsite Modhur, on the Republic Day, 26th January, 2014. The function was between 9.00 pm and 1.00 pm.The flag was hoisted in the school premises. The School Headmaster Mr.PanbinSelvan addressed the students on patriotism. Village President Mr.Chinrasu and Parents Teachers Association head Mr.Munsamy also attended the function. Many events like drama, speech competition and culturals were conducted for the school students.Later the volunteers told inspirational stories about great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi  and conducted  many spot events . It greatly enlightened the minds of the students. Nearly 50 volunteers attended the function. 


On 10th January 2014, PONGAL festival was celebrated in Bannari Amman Institute of Technology with a famous spiritual and debate speecher Prof.V.Renugadevi as Chief Guest, along with the presence of Dr.S V BALASUBRAMANIAM, Chairman of BIT with his wife Soundaram Balasubramaniam and Dr.N Rengarajan, Principal of BIT. Function began with the enthusiastic speech from the Beloved Principal of BIT .In Guest’s imposing speech,significance of pongal festival and Tamil tradition were noticed. Eventually with traditional cultural events, function came to an end with a lively note. About 95 NSS volunteers actively took part in the function by taking up various responsibilities such as Discipline Maintenance in Panthal, Arena, Vedanayagam Auditorium and seminar halls.


             On 22nd December 2013, NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a Trekking event at 10.30am, near Hasanur with Mr.G.Sasi kumar, Forest Guard of Sathyamangalam Reserve forest region along with 20 policemen including Mr.R.T.Muthu Manickam (DSP of Sathyamangalam), Mr.C.Natarajan, Secretary and Mr.Siva kumar, member of Sudar organization at Sathyamangalam. Our Programme officers Dr.V.N.Vijaya kumar, Mrs.S.Praveena, Mrs.C.Kavitha and Dr.R.Jayaprakasam, Associate Professor in Department Of Chemistry along with 14Alumni/Alumnae of NSS-BIT made their presence. Entire Troop was split up into 11 groups each consist of 6 members. Some school events such as word forming, puzzles were conducted for the Students of Government high school and also good habits were taught to them, followed by an Inspirational speech of Mr.R.T.Muthu Manickam who also addressed the tribal people. Prizes were distributed to the winners. Around 41 volunteers took part in the event which  ended by 5.30pm.



             On 17th December 2013, the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a seminar in ECE seminar hall between 4.15 pm and 6.00 pm. The seminar was conducted to create awareness on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. It was taken by two of the volunteers. They spoke about the reasons why people get addicted to drugs, types and effects of drugs and also treatments that are available to cure the Drug addiction .Videos were also displayed about the people who are affected by Drugs. Motivational video of Jessica Cox was displayed to inspire the NSS volunteers.   Nearly 80  volunteers  attended the seminar.


                On 13th December 2013, the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a seminar in Vedanayagam Auditorium from 10:30am to 1:00pm. The seminar was conducted to create awareness on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The Vice-President of Vasan Eye Care Mr.Sasikumar(DSPofSathy),Mr.R.T.MuthuManickam,Mr.JayasekaranPillai (NLP Master), Mrs.Gayathri (NLP Trainer), Ms .Rose Mary (NLP Coordinator) were the chief guests. The Principal of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Dr.N.Rengarajan and Programme Officer Dr.V.N.Vijay Kumar made their valuable presence. They spoke about the reasons why people get addicted to drugs, types and effects of drugs and also treatments that are available to cure Drug addiction .They also shared their experience that happened in their life which made everyone to realize that drug addiction may also put one’s life at stake. Nearly 30 policemen, students and all the drivers of the college attended the session.  Around 40 volunteers attended the seminar.


             On December 1st 2013 ,the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a rally for AIDS awareness on “WORLD AIDS DAY”.The Causes and effects of AIDS were notified to the people by oral and pictographically. NSS programmer officer Dr.V.N.Vijayakumar engaged along with the 250 volunteers and the event started by 9.30am and ended by 1pm. 


On 28th November 2013, NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a Blood donation camp at Department of  Physical Sciences in the college premises. Charts were displayed about the importance and awareness on blood donation. The camp was inaugurated at 10am  in associate with Dr.S.Manimozhi and her team of 5 members from Government hospital, Gobi . Faculties and students of the institution actively participated in the event by donating their blood.The event  ended by 1pm  and totally 40 units of blood was collected. Nearly 25 NSS volunteers were  involved.

         On 11th November 2013 NSS Volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Celebrated the 125th Birthday of Bharat Ratna Moulana Abul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Azad, the first Minister of education in India, whose birthday was recognized as the NATIONAL EDUCATION DAY. The event was organized in Vedanayagam Auditorium between 5pm to 6.30pm. Music club started the event by a prayer song, and dramatics club played a skit about  the value of education in civilized society. The Literary & Debate society students spoke about the various aspects of Indian education and Architecture of Modern Indian education System, and Movie Making club screened a short film about the importance of education. Overall arrangements and Discipline was maintained by the NSS volunteers. About 75 volunteers were involved.


On 30th of October 2013, NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology distributed dresses that were collected from Staff quarters to ‘Kundri’ village people. Around 500 clothes were given to the students of ‘Kundri’ village through the Non Government Organization “Sudar” between 9.30am and 11.00 am. Mr.C.Natarajan, Secretary and Mr.Thamarai selvan of Sudar organization, Sathyamangalam also made their valuable presence. Nearly 6 volunteers were involved.



       NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized voter id registration in NET CAFE during 21st - 23rd October, 2013 between 4.30pm to 6.30 pm. About 483 faculty members and students have registered under the guidance of NSS volunteers. Some students registered through online and others who were residents of Sathyamangalam filled the application forms who were guided by the NSS volunteers. Nearly 70 volunteers were involved in the event.


On 8th, 9th and 11th of October 2013 NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology collected dresses from staff quarters. These dresses were collected for the welfare of the ‘Kundri’ tribal people. All the residents enthusiastically donated their old clothes. Around 500 clothes were given to the students of ‘Kundri’ village through the Non Government Organization “Sudar”.Nearly 80 volunteers were involved.


         Bannari Amman Institute of Technology implemented Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) in the library .The NSS volunteers worked in the library for attaching RFID Tag in every book between 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm on 4th and 5th of October 2013.Nearly 130 volunteers were involved in this work.



On October 1st, 2013 Mahatma Gandhi’s 144th Birthday was celebrated in Vedanayagam Auditorium between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Different Clubs like Dramatics, music, Literacy and debate, dance club performed.  NSS volunteers were involved in discipline committee work during the function. About 49 NSS volunteers were involved.


            As a part of the 15th FUTURA conducted by the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, the NSS volunteers organised an awareness Campaign on Blood Donation and 4R(REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE,REFUSE) concept,which was held on 2nd , 3rd and 4th of September in the Applied Science block quadrangle. This programme was organized in association with Sankara Eye Hospital.The main objective of this awareness programme was to create awareness to the people on the importance of donating eyes,blood and on 4R concept.
            Five classrooms were alloted for the event. Among them two classes were used to explain the visitors on various information regarding the 4R in which awareness on Reduction of plastics,Reuse of organs by organ donation,Recycle of paper to minimize Deforestation,Refuse of Foreign products to promote Indian Economy.These concepts were sowed in the minds of students through stories.Many waste products like plastic bottles,tins,old CDs,bottle caps,etc.. were used to prepare usefull products like wall hangings,hand bags,robo,pen stand and many more.Also a  class room   was  allocated for Blood  and Eye donation awareness.

 In addition to it different spot events were conducted for the school students. Awareness flash videos were also displayed. 

Apart from this, the NSS team took an initiatve to register for eye donation. The registration was put up in AS block and in arena.

The NSS team of nearly 20 volunteers, splitted  into five  help desks at different  places around the campus to  guide the inter and intra college students for the events that were being organized by the various departments and clubs. The responsbility of  maintaining discipline in the college campus was taken care by the NSS volunteers for all the three days of the 15th Futura event. 

September 2:
         On the first day, the volunteers were actively involved in engaging students in the awareness campaign.Spot events were also conducted for school students.Around 2.00 p.m Dr.Kiran,Eye specialist and his team from Sankara Eye Foundation made their presence  for creating  awareness about the problems related to  eye, importance on preservation of eye for transplantation  and enlightened the students by their speech on eye donation and the procedures  involved in it . In the evening at 5.00 p.m, nearly 60 NSS volunteers were involved in maintaining the discipline at Pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls  for the intra college event “Fiesta”.

 September 3:
          To make this day fruitful,  the students were engaged with many spot events  like picture formation,best out of waste and  many fun events  like pick up Do’s and Dont’s using balloons,cups arranging in reverse order and talent shows such as singing and dancing was  also  conducted.All the students enthusiastically participated in all the events conducted by the volunteers.In the evening at 5.00 p.m, nearly 60 NSS volunteers were involved in maintaining the discipline at Pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls  for the “Musical Night”.


September 4:

          On the final day of Futura, many staffs from various departments visited the venue and enriched their knowledge on Blood and eye donation awareness and 4R.Most of them actively registered their names for eye donation. This awareness programme proved to be very informative and an eye opener for all the people. At the end of the event, there were nearly 436 registered eye donors and  still counting.   The registered forms were  handed- over to the team from Sankara Eye Foundation . During the valedictory function of the national level symposium 15TH FUTURA, about 60 volunteers were involved in disciplinary activities at the pandhal, auditorium and seminar halls.


          On 25th August 2013, the TNPSC exam was conducted in Bannari Amman Institute Technology from 8.30 am to 10.30 am .Around 1500 students were  attended the exam. These students were guided to their respective classrooms and halls by the NSS volunteers. All the examiners appreciated the volunteers for the proper guidance. Nearly 50 volunteers were involved.


                NSS Day was celebrated by organizing the Blood donation camp  at Physical Sciences department in the college premises.Charts were displayed  about  awareness on blood donation and procedure of blood donation . The camp was conducted in association with Chief Doctor Dr.S.Manimozhi and her team of 5 members from Government  hospital, Gobi. The camp was commenced at 9.00 a.m. and was conducted upto 12.00 p.m. Dr.A.Shanmugam, Principal of BIT and programme officers Dr.V.N.Vijaya Kumar and Mrs.S.Praveena made their valuable presence in the camp. The faculties and students of the institution actively involved and donate their  blood.  Totally 59 units of blood was collected. About 26 NSS volunteers were involved in the camp.


      The 67th Independence Day, the NSS volunteers organized a seminar in Textile seminar hall between 1.30 pm and 6.00 pm. The welcome address was given by the NSS Programme Officer, Dr.V.N.Vijaya Kumar. The chief guests of the event were Dr.S.Krishna Kumar, Ministry of Defense (DRDO) and Mr.T.Siva Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  The esteemed chief guest Mr.T.Siva Kumar gave a clear idea about the responsibility of an Engineer to save nature which motivated all the volunteers. He also guided the volunteers to bring awareness for the usage of renewable energies for the development of our nation. The honorable chief guest Dr.S.Krishna Kumar presented seminar on SCIENCE, ADVENTURES AND DEFENSE. The seminar was thought provoking and provided students a wide knowledge on amazing facts about space, crops circle patterns, Bermuda’s triangle, Nazca lines, Crystal skull, Pyramids, Angrovat missing and its connection with Aliens, Black sun, Area 51, Robotics in the field of Defense, etc .He displayed videos on the various researches and developments made in the field of Defense like working of mules, scorpions, dogs, frogs, jumpers and many advanced technologies. The whole session was interesting and volunteers were able to learn many new things. The vote of thanks was proposed by NSS volunteer Dineshwaran .Nearly 160 volunteers attended the seminar.

                                                             CAMPSITE VISIT

            The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology visited the campsite Modhur, on the Independence Day, 15th August, 2013. The function was between 9.00 pm and 1.00 pm.The flag was hoisted in the school premises. The School Headmaster Mr.PanbinSelvan addressed the students on patriotism. Village President Mr.Chinrasu and Parents Teachers Association head Mr.Munsamy also attended the function. Many events like debate, speech competition and culturals were conducted for the school students. Later the volunteers told inspirational stories about great personalities like ALEXANDER and many moral stories. It greatly enlightened the minds of the students. Nearly 30 volunteers attended the function.



            The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized an awareness program against corruption on “THE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY” dated  12th August, 2013 at 5:00pm.This was conducted in Boys Higher secondary school, Vadakupettai  and Girls Higher secondary school, Sathyamangalam. All the volunteers actively engaged themselves in enlightening the minds of youth about their responsibility to eradicate corruption. Many students eagerly participated and had taken oath that they never encourage corruption by giving or taking money and will always support to the voice of anti-corruption. As a symbol of their vow, they all signed in the sign boards provided by the volunteers in front of the schools and Sathyamangalam bus stand. Along with students, many people enthusiastically took part and also gave their valuable suggestions. An Assistant Educational Officer Mr.T.Ponnusamy made his presence and appreciated all the volunteers for their initiation.He also encouraged students to take this awareness program to the attention of the  Higher authorities. This was accompanied by NSS programmer officers Dr.V.N.Vijayakumar and Mrs.R.Praveena.Nearly 50 volunteers involved in the program and the event ended by 7:00pm.



Date & Time - 6th August, 2013; 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm 
Venue             - Civil Conference Hall, BIT
External member:
  • Mr.N.Panbin Selvan, Head Master, Government school, Modhur 
  • Mr.Arunachalam, for Sudar organization of Sathyamangalam
  • Mr.C.Natarajan, Secretary for Sudar organization of Sathyamangalam

Internal members: 
  • Mrs.C.Kavitha,  Assistant Professor Physical Science Department
  • Dr.N.Arunachalam, Dean Department of Civil Engineering
  • Mr.Lokanayagam,  Assistant   Professor,Department of Civil Engineering 
  • Mrs.R.Praveena,  Assistant Professor Physical Science Department
A flash about NSS activities in the academic year(2012-13) and activities planned for this academic year(2013-14) was played.

Previous year activities(2012-13):

·         Joy of Giving,

·         Orphanage visit,

·         Teachers Day celebration,

·         Special camp,

·         Shevasestra,

·         ODAC and Cancer awareness,

·         Tree plantation,

·         Blood Donation Camp

·         Dental camp

Future activities:

·         Rally on Dengue awareness,
·         Independence Day celebration,
·         Seminars on  old citizen day,
·         World healthy day,
·         World Energy Conservation
·         Shevasestra,
·         Tree plantation,
·         First aid awareness,
·         Special camp,
·         Voters day awareness,
·         Blood donation camp,
·         Kanaga payanam,
·         Workshops.

After this,  Advisory committee members shared their suggestions.

For Modhur village: 
  • Tree plantation  (trees out of cost) in  places where proper care will be taken along with fencing 
  • Useful trees like papaya, drum stick, lemon, etc.
  • Kitchen garden practice in each and every home. 
  • Nursery
  • Rain water harvesting 
  • Dental camp 
  • Providing steel racks for library
  • Constructing toilets for minimum 50 houses (funded by government)
Requests from the school head master:
·         Underground water tank
·         computer coaching
·         science magazines(Kalaikathir) for library
For tribal people: 
  • Visiting a tribal school the on Independence day.
  • Rally on awareness about  importance of education on World Literacy day in a hilly region.
  • Suggested hill area is ‘Vilankombai’ near Eloor consisting 40 families.
  • Can visit Aasanur school.
  • Exposure visits like making them visit our college and various important areas in Sathyamangalam. 
  •  Planning more development activities for tribal people.
  • We can encourage the tribal children education by letting them know,

o   Why they have to study?

o   What is the importance of studying? 

On 30th July 2013, the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized an induction programme for the first year students in the Panthal at 11.00 am. Dr.V.N.Vijaya Kumar Programme officer, BIT addressed the gathering about the aim, rules and regulations of NSS. Chief guest Dr.Dhanapal, Head of Doctors, Government Hospital, Gobi shared his views about  Blood Donation,meaning of NSS Chakra and motto, Opportunity utilization,etc.He also advised the volunteers to adapt a nearby village and to teach the villagers about the importance of Rainwater Harvesting, Road safety and hygienic envirornent,etc.Mr.Kaliannan,Retd District Educational Officer, Erode invoked the serving tendency of students with a short story about Gandhiji.The Camp activities flash was played. Mrs.R.Praveena, NSS Programme officer, BIT delivered vote of thanks. The programme ended at 12.30 p.m.


In order to make young people to serve nation Anna University, Chennai is motivating student’s community in colleges to enroll themselves in the service voyage through National Service Scheme (NSS). For the year 2012 Mr. N Dinakaran, final year EEE, Mr. M Poopathy, final year Civil /NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam, Erode were awarded as the “Best Emergency Blood Donors” and NSS-BIT had been recognized for organizing more number of “Voluntary Blood Donation Camp” towards the needy and dying patients of Govt. Hospitals by Tamilnadu State Blood Transfusion Council and Tamilnadu State Aids Control Society   in the Erode district, Tamilnadu on 24.07.2013 at Gobichettipalayam.



               The NSS volunteers provided their service for the first year admission. This programme was conducted on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th July, 2013 at Mechanical Drawing Hall between 8.30 am to 5.00pm.They provided their guidance to the students as well as the parents in filling their respective application forms. The regular and lateral entry students who had come were the ones who applied for B.E/B.TECH, M.E, MBA and MCA courses of Management and Government Quota. The volunteers explained the students about the college rules and regulations like Proper dress code, No utilization of cell phones inside the class, to be disciplined and many works. And also told the parents about the infrastructure of the college. The parents were extremely happy for the guidance provided by the volunteers and appreciated them. The program ended successfully. Nearly 40 volunteers were involved every day.



        The NSS Alumni Meet was organized on 30th June, 2013 in EEE Seminar Hall by the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. Around 20 and 11 Alumni students of the 2012 and 2013 batch respectively made their valuable presence for the successful conduct of the “Alumni Meet 2013”. The program began with the Annual Report (2012-2013) that was presented by the student volunteers. A flash describing the 7 Days Special Camp and the initiatives taken for the welfare of the people of Modhur and Arakankottai was also played and the camp certificates of Alumni students were distributed to them. The Alumni students gave various suggestions about the future activities to be carried out and encouraged the volunteers to organize many activities such as upliftment of the blind, awareness on the importance of child education etc. Nearly 80 volunteer were involved in the function.


The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized the documentation release program of the 7 days special camp that was conducted during February 2013. The program was organized at Textile Seminar hall from 04:30 pm to 06:00 pm. Dr.V.Thiyagarajan, HOD, Department of English, received the first copy of camp document and video. He addressed the NSS volunteers by appreciating their service activities all round the year and highlighted the events like Blood Donation Camp, Special Camp and disciplinary works. Nearly 60 volunteers were involved in the event.


The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized the Blood donation camp with the theme “Every blood donor is a Hero” at Physical Sciences department in the college premises. The camp was conducted in association with Dr.Rajesh and his team from Lions Club,Erode and Dr.S.Manimozhi and her team from Government  hospital, Gobi. The camp was inaugurated at 9.00 a.m. and was conducted upto 1.00 p.m.Dr.A.Shanmugam Principal, BIT and programme officers V.N.Vijaya Kumar and M.Kodhainayagi made their valuable presence in the camp. The faculties and students of the institution actively participated in the event by donating  blood.  Totally 139 units of blood-Lions club (75 units) and Government Hospital (64 units) was collected. Nearly 30 NSS volunteers were involved in the camp.

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