Shevasestra 2012

27.09.12 to 28.09.12                                  
                                       Shevasestra 2012                                                                                                                          -Journey to serve
      The NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology organized a two-day service oriented symposium “SHEVASESTRA 2012” on 27th and 28th of September 2012. The main objective of this symposium was to bring awareness on social issues and giving solutions for various problems . About 400 colleges were communicated throughout Tamilnadu through Posters and e mails. Competitions were conducted based on seven events such as Slidefair, Mimare, Posterowa, Art of Demo, Workshop, Click Spire and Visplash. A Workshop on the topic “First Aid and Fire safety”  was given to all the participants.

The NSS team was split up into various committees and worked out sincerely for the function. Registration was held upto September  20th 2012. There was good response and students from various colleges registered for the events and sent their abstracts. Nearly 135 papers were registered for slide fair, 10 for art of demo, poster-8, mimare-8, clickspire-11 and visplash-10. Based on the content the teams from various colleges were selected.  The number of teams selected for the events are as follows:
External participants
Slide Fair
Click Spire
Art Of Demo

The selected teams were intimated on 24th September.In total there were participants from 11 external colleges.The spot registration began on 27th September at 7.30. a.m. The  Honourable collector of Erode District Dr.V.K.Shanmugam I.A.S inaugurated the function at 10:30am and gave an inspiring speech on Humanity and service. Dr.S.K.Sundararaman,Director Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology,Dr.A.Shanmugam,Principal BIT also addressed the gathering.Mr.V.N.Vijayakumar Programme officer NSS BIT delivered the annual report for the academic year 2011-2012 and Mrs.R.Praveena Programme officer NSS BIT delivered vote of thanks.       

          The events started at 1.00 p.m. On 27th September five events Slide Fair, Mimare, Posterowa, Visplash and Clickspire were conducted. On 28th September the workshop started at 9.30 a.m. and the demo of first aid and rescue methods was given. Art of demo was conducted after lunch. The events were judged by nearly 18 staffs from various departments of BIT and the winners of each event were selected.
        The Valediction as scheduled started around 4.00 p.m.Dr. A.M.Natarajan,Chief Executive offficer Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology and Dr. P..Suresh kumar, Director of School of Management Studies BIT were the chief guest for the function.Importance of National Service Scheme was highlighted by the chief guest. Mr.S.Vibulanandhan, NSS student volunteer delivered the Shevasestra 2012 Report.  The Flash showing the entire Shevasestra 2012 was played. The trophies and certificates were distributed to the winners and participants of the events. 

                                                         SLIDE FAIR
It provided a dais to the intellectual minds who want to showcase their views on the revailing social issues and afforded with solutions, that was shared to inspire the young minds. The topics for the event were

·         Technology for rural development
·         Creative ideas for electricity conservation
·         Dye waste treatment
·         How to improve the life chances of Differently abled people
·         How to get the rights and resources for tribal people
·         Role of a citizen in bringing down the corruption
·         Other social issues

Nearly 135 papers were registered for this event. Out of these 32 papers were selected in which 24 were from other colleges and 8 from BIT. Around 25 teams took part on the day of the event. The event was conducted in two sessions. The first session was conducted simultaneously in ECE Seminar Hall and Textile Seminar Hall from 1.30 3.00 p.m. The judges in ECE seminar hall was Mrs.R.Praveena, Mr.Sakthiramkumar and Mr.Loganayakan and the students in Textile Seminar Hall were judged by Mr.Velmurugan and Mr.Jagadesan. The other session was in in ECE Seminar Hall(10 papers) from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30.The team from Rajalakshmi Engineering college won the first prize and the team from sona college of technology bagged the second prize.
This event mainly focused in portraying characters and acting out situations of the society or narrating them by gestures and body movements without using words..
The topics were
·         Violation of Traffic rules
·         Drug Abuse
·         Child Labor
·         Anti-Plastic
·         Conservation of Resources for future utilization
Nearly 6 teams participated in the event. It was conducted in the auditorium from 1.30 3.00 p.m. The judges were Mr.Kamalanathan from ECE dept. and Mr.Mohanraj from FT department. The team from  Kingscollege of engineering secured the first place and the team from BIT were the runners of the event.

       This event was conducted to bring out the students inventive ideas through graphical representation that  could provide pleasing information on a specified theme (important days).
      In total 8 papers were selected which included 4 from external and internal colleges respectively. Among them 7 participated. The posters were displayed in Thermal Drawing hall from 1:30. p.m. Then the presentation was conducted in the auditorium from 3:30 5:00 p.m. They  were judged by  Mr.Raman Sivakumar from Physical Sciences depaetment and Mr.Balakrishnan from Bio-tech department. The students from Sona college of engineering won the first price. 

This event focused on getting ideas from students in the form of flash. The topics for this event were
  •   NSS activities done in your college
  •   Eradication of Illiteracy
  •  Problems faced by rural and tribal people
  •  Other related social issues

Nearly 11 teams were selected for the event, in which 4 were from other colleges and 7 from BIT. On the day of the event 6 teams actively paricipated. The session was conducted in EEE Seminar Hall from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30.p.m. The judges were Mr.Karthick, Mr.Kirubakaran, Mr.Arun Kumar and Mr.Soukath Ali from Electronics and Communication department. The winners of the event were from Sona college of engineering.

This event tried to bring out their society refraining ideas via photos. The topics for this event were
  •  Current social issues prevailing in the society
  •   Literacy and welfare of children
  •   Deficiency of malnutrition
  •   Prohibition of natural contaminations
The number of teams selected for this event was 9 teams with 4 external and 5 internal teams. Out of these 5 teams took part in the event .The photos were displayed in Thermal Drawing Hall from 1:30 p.m. The students explained the main objective through their photos.The judges were Mrs.R.Praveena from Physical Sciences department and Mr.Sathish Kumar from Maths department. The team from Sengunthar Engineering College secured the first place.

       The workshop on “First aid and Fire safety” was organized for the participants of the various events. The seminar on the topic was conducted in EEE seminar hall followed by the demo in the football ground. The chief guests were Mr. Senthil Kumar, assistant regional officer and Mr. Ravishankar,station officer,Sathyamangalam. Initially, Mr.Ravishankar gave the speech on the different fire accidents and the methods to prevent them. After that Mr. Senthil Kumar explained about FIRE that was abbreviated from Fire Investigate Report and Extinguish. The three main causes of fire- air, heat and fuel and ways  to prevent them from causing a fire accident. He also explained the classes of fire from class A to class E along with the methods to avoid and prevent them. The usage of the extinguishers in relative to the type of accidents was specified. The rescue methods in case of disasters like earthquake, fire accidents etc. were clearly explained. In addition he also spoke about the fire accidents that are possible at home and the ways to control them.
Following that a demo was given in the football ground, by the fire department official. The usage of an extinguisher, first aid methods and rescue methods were shown. The students also actively involved in it and tried it by themselves.
     It is an event that mainly focused to bring things to develop the rural people.Totally 10 teams were selected which included 8 from BIT and 2 from other colleges. Nearly 8 teams actively participated in the event. It was conducted simultaneously in the auditorium and EEE Seminar hall. The judges in auditorium were Mr. Murugesan from Bio-Tech department., Mr.V.N.Vijayakumar from Physical Sciences department,student volunteer Mr. Kanagaraj and the judges in EEE Seminar hall Mr.Veerakumar from EEE depart. Mr. Sathish kumar from Mathematics department and student volunteer Mr.S,Vibulananthan. The winners were from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. The runners were from Kings College of Engineering.
            The Team “NARUMUGAI” won the best team award by active participation in 6 events conducted.

         On 24th September 2012, the NSS volunteers of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology celebrated the NSS Day at EE 32 hall from 04:30 p.m to 7.30 p.m.  The programme officers Mr.V.N.Vijayakumar and Mrs.R.Praveena from Physical Sciences Department interacted with the volunteers. They highlighted the need for NSS in our society. The certificates for Blood Donation Camps and emergency cases were distributed to the Blood donors of the college. Seminars on Right To Information act and 49-O were given by the student volunteers Subathra, Sathyapriya, Gnana Priya, Gowri respectively. Nearly 80 volunteers were involved in the event.

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