Camp Survey

As a part of our regular activity we decided to carry out our 7 day special camp at Modhur village located 12kms in the east of Sathyamangalam which houses more than 300 families. Every year survey will be performed during the 1st day of the camp. But this year we thought if we undertake the survey earlier, the camp can accomplish more needs of the Modhur village residents. Such that survey was carried out a month before the special camp on 25th December 2011and thus we made door to door survey of village Modhur and made the residents fill the forms. 90 volunteers were divided into groups and the survey was kicked off at 10:00am. The people of mothur showed their interest to learn some of the self employment programmes like mushroom cultivation, A/C or fridge repairing mechanism and tailoring. More than 60% of the people were labours of building construction. People in the village seemed to have some knowledge in obtaining voters id, ration card, birth certificate but they were ignorant of the government schemes, bank loans and the life insurance schemes. The importance of education, hygiene and medical awareness were also found to be lacking among the people. Few people were found to have disorders like diabetes, blood pressure and poor eyesight. On the basis of the details written in the forms residents were invited at the base camp to train them according to their requirements. As a result of survey conducted, volunteers have planned to create awareness in the fields of education, hygiene, safety, agriculture, finance and health for the welfare of the people. Medical camp will also be arranged to improve the health condition of the people. Courses for mushroom cultivation, A/C or fridge repairing mechanism and tailoring will be conducted. Students will be equipped with basic computer knowledge, yoga, karate, painting, meditation and English knowledge. As an initiate for tree plantation 796 sapling packets were prepared and the survey ended by 03:00pm.                                                      

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